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RISE Partnership

Readiness, Implementation, and Sustainability for Effectiveness (RISE) will help organizations in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey to enhance their programs and services

We are excited to announce the official launch of the RISE Partnership. RISE stands for Readiness, Implementation, Sustainability for Effectiveness and is an effort to strengthen nonprofit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey region. The RISE Partnership builds on BECI (the Building Evaluation Capacity Initiative), which has been working with organizations in the region for the past eight years. The RISE Partnership will continue to provide a range of capacity building services, including training and support to build readiness for measuring and driving program outcomes, implementation of an intensive program of internal evaluation capacity building, and support for an alumni learning community to sustain and extend gains achieved. The overall objective of these services and supports remain the same: increased organizational effectiveness and improved outcomes for participants.

Readiness Component

The Readiness component will provide an introductory knowledge and skill building for organizations in key concepts, tools, and resources for internal evaluation capacity building and performance management. 

  • An organization ready to build knowledge and skills in evaluation capacity building and performance management.
  • This component is open to organizations of all size and organizations that serve any population.
  • This component will include a brief application to be released soon.
How does my organization apply to the READINESS COMPONENT?

The  READINESS Application is available in the Scattergood Foundation Online Grant Portal.

The deadline to apply is Friday, March 1st, 2019 at 5pm EST.



The Implementation component is a two-year learning program that helps non-profit organizations strengthen their impact. Participating organizations will sharpen their thinking about program activities and outcomes, and improve their capacity to collect, understand, and use data for ongoing improvement and learning to achieve stronger results.

What type of organizations are a good fit for the RISE implementation component?
  • An organization should have been in operation for at least three years and have strong leadership and management capacity.  The leader of the organization and 2-3 staff should plan to participate in the program.
  • Organizations should be committed to learning and open to rethinking elements of their programs.  This initiative is not for start-up organizations nor for organizations with long-standing intervention models that are not open for refinement. 
  • The organizations should offer at least one program that serves young people (approximately ages 9-24) who are at significant risk (e.g., in foster care or transitioning out of foster care; involved in the juvenile justice system; risk for dropping out of school; engaging in high-risk behaviors; living in poverty or in neighborhood with high levels of community violence).  Priority will be given to organizations who serve youth with one or more risk factors. 
  • Organizations should serve at least 150 of these youth per year and may aspire to reach more youth.
  • Arts and culture, recreation, and organizations focused on well-being are invited to participate.  Organizations may be part of a broader coalition.
  • Organizations have revenues with a minimum of $750,000-$1 million during the most recent fiscal year. (A few promising organizations with lower revenues that meet other eligibility requirements may be appropriate to participate).
  • Innovative programs within larger local or regional organizations may apply if they are experimenting with a fresh approach or a new set of evidence-based practices to help youth and meet other criteria above.
The Implementation component will be by invitation only.  If your organization does not receive an invitation and you feel you meet these criteria, please contact us.
The deadline to apply is Friday, February 22nd, 2019 at 5pm EST.
Sustainability Component
The Sustainability component helps non-profit organizations sustain and advance internal evaluation capacity and supports a broad community of practice. This component also focuses on sharing and using lessons learned across organizations and stakeholders via an Alumni Learning Collaborative.
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