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Design Challenge 2014

The Scattergood Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 Design Challenge Winning Intervention

Wellness at Your Fingertips

Submitted by:

The Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disability Services (DBHIDS) 
Screening for Mental Health Inc. (SMH)


Thanks to all this year’s Design Challenge applicants, the Foundation has created a robust conversation around the importance of having mental health incorporated into retail clinics. This year’s Design Challenge had 9 submissions, and nearly 600 votes and over 430 Facebook ‘Likes’ spread across the submissions. The Foundation is extremely pleased with the quality and immense effort of each of the individuals/organizations that submitted a Design Challenge intervention.  The competition this year has grown significantly and resulted in an extremely demanding judging process. 

Thank you to all those who submitted and supported the 2014 Scattergood Design Challenge.

All remaining Scattergood Foundation submissions will remain on the Foundation’s website in the 2014 Design Challenge Database

Please leave you email address in the right column stay updated on the latest efforts to implement DBHIDS & SMH's intervention at QCare.  

2014 Design Challenge

Design Challenge: Create an intervention (idea + plan of action) that includes an Education, Access and/or Service component for Behavioral/Mental Health in a Retail Clinic. All interventions submitted must have the potential to be implemented by May 14, 2014.

Problem Statement: This year’s Design Challenge is exploring the most effective avenue to integrate mental health care into retail clinics. An American Heart Association (AHA) report stated to improve the quality of mental health care in the United States actions must be taken, which includes:

  1. Improving public awareness of effective treatment.
  2. Making it easier to find the care needed and access to it.
  3. Reducing the financial barriers to treatment.

Retail Clinics (CVS' Minute Clinic, Walgreens' Take Care Clinic, Target Clinic, and local healthcare systems clinics) have existed since 2000. They are small health clinics located within a larger store in which patients can receive basic primary health care. They are known for convenience, low cost and high quality care however the model of retail clinics focuses on primary physical health and currently does not provide behavioral health interventions (e.g. screening, referral, and crisis management).

Award: The winning solution will be considered for implementation at QCare, the first retail clinic in North Philadelphia. QCare is operated by Family Practice and Counseling Network.


Photos from QCare in North Philadelphia (Jan. 2014)

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