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Design Challenge

The Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation conducts an annual Design Challenge to address complex problems for which traditional approaches and systems have proven ineffective. The Foundation along with two Masters of Public Health Candidates use a combination of key-informant interviews, focus groups, online polling and literature review to identify a pressing behavioral health issue that needs to be addressed by the larger community. The stakeholder input that is received during the process is extremely helpful for the purpose of narrowing the focus of the challenge. Once the specific area of focus is chosen, the Foundation identifies a community organization that agrees to be the implementation site for the solution developed during the Design Challenge.

The Design Challenge is opened to the community in order to solicit a multitude of feasible, replicable, and sustainable solutions through a crowdsourcing process. The Foundation identifies the problem, but ultimately it is the community that produces an implementable solution.

The Scattergood Design Challenge fosters disruptive innovations by involving previously excluded parties and requiring established entities to think differently. Once a design challenge winner emerges through the crowdsourcing phase, a crowdfunding stage ensues to provide funding for the winning intervention. 

2015 Design Challenge

Drexel University Masters of Public Health Candidates: Shoshana Akins and Caitlin O'Brien

Faculty Advisor: John Rich, MDHealth Management and Policy; Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice

Focus: Trauma-Informed Shelters

Announcement of Design Challenge Question and Launch of Challenge: November 10, 2014

Implementation Site: Will be announced on November 10, 2014