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The Scattergood Consensus Project'Opening Closed Doors' to Achieve Meaningful Solutions

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The Scattergood Foundation regularly serves as a convener on difficult to solve problems where divergent perspectives and varied solutions exist. One way The Foundation has chosen to fulfill this role is by commissioning experts on a given topic to author papers that address issues and solicit interactive feedback from readers. We want your voice to join others in developing meaningful solutions.  We call this effort the Scattergood Consensus Project. Our first two papers, Privacy Discussion, and Liberty and Recovery, can be found below.

Please click on any of the papers listed below and add your thoughts, comments, and recommendations to the work underway. Reader recommendations will be analyzed during a 60-day commenting period and then synthesized by the authors for the purpose of incorporating the recommendations into the paper. Please keep in mind that the purpose of this project is to build consensus. Oppositional viewpoints are welcomed and expected, but progression towards solutions requires cooperation and respect. 

If you haven't already, you must create a user account to view the papers. Click here to login or create an account. We ask that you create an account so that we can contact you about how your input led to collaborative solutions and further discussion.  Your anonymity will be preserved - and your name will not appear anywhere on the website.

The first two papers listed, Privacy Discussion and Liberty and Recovery are companion papers that resulted from last year's Opening Closed Doors Conference, a meeting of national thought leaders in mental health hosted by Dr. Lloyd Sederer and the Scattergood Foundation, and facilitated by Dr. Michael Hogan. These papers will be the centerpiece of a panel discussion featuring National Council on Behavioral Health President and CEO Linda Rosenberg, Author and advocate Pete Earley, Dr. Michael Hogan, Dr. Lloyd Sederer, consumer advocate Harvey Rosenthal, Dr. Harold Schwartz, and Scattergood President Joe Pyle during the National Council Conference on May 6 in Washington D.C.