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Scattergood Foundation and National Council Announces Fifth Annual Innovation Award

Submissions accepted starting today; award will highlight new and groundbreaking programs in behavioral health from across the United States

(Philadelphia, PA) – The Annual Scattergood Innovation Award opened for nominations today. This will mark the fifth year that the Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation has granted the award and the first year of doing so with the National Council for Behavioral Health. The annual award recognizes programs and individuals working to improve diagnosis, treatment, de-stigmatization, and support for every American with a diagnosable behavioral heath condition.  


“The Scattergood Innovation Awards has become a symbol of next-generation thinking in behavioral health and we could not be happier to have the National Council be our partner,” said Joe Pyle, president of The Scattergood Foundation. “Through our new partnership, we can build on our success and bring these innovative ideas to new audiences, all with the goal of taking them to scale.”

Unique in its approach, The Scattergood Innovation Award uses the power of the crowd to nominate, select finalists, and award $25,000 to the winning nomination. In addition to the monetary prize, The Scattergood Innovation Award helps to:

  • Recognize behavioral health innovation, as defined by the community;
  • Challenge how behavioral health care is currently viewed, organized, and practiced through the creation of new concepts, products, processes, services, and/or technologies;
  • Raise awareness of behavioral health as a public health issue, and encourage public dialogue around behavioral health; and
  • Build a comprehensive database of behavioral health innovations to be shared with all.


“The National Council is thrilled to be a thought leader around the innovation award. We are happy to have it be a very important part of our awards ceremony at our annual conference,” shared Linda Rosenberg, CEO of National Council for Behavioral Health. 


The winner of the 2017 Scattergood Innovation Award will receive $25,000 to support their work, as well as assistance in promoting and publicizing their work. All nominees are able to contribute to the greater impact by publicizing and sharing their innovative ideas to the national database created by the award. Nominations are being accepted until February 13, 2017, with a winner being announced live on April 4, 2017.

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