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2015 Innovation Award

The Winner....

Smartphone Health App for Young Adults with Psychiatric Conditions


In partnership with healthcare IT company Wellframe, Vinfen has developed a Smartphone application that combines Wellframe's innovative healthcare platform with Vinfen’s clinical content to help young adults with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) manage their...Read more

The Triage Project

Aurora Mental Health Center :

The Triage Project is a collaborative project in Aurora, CO. This is a joint program of Arapahoe House, the substance abuse provider and detox center, Aurora Mental Health Center,  and first...Read more

Man Therapy


Throughout the world, working-age men avoid seeking help for their mental health issues. And, in times of economic and cultural stress, the issue of mental health takes on a much higher profile,...Read more

MEMOTEXT personalized adherence solutions

MEMOTEXT Corporation:

MEMOTEXT personalized adherence solutions provide digital and mobile health based adherence and behavior change solutions to patients.  The program provides an evidence-based design methodology,...Read more

Postpartum Depression Social Media-based Parenting Education

Policylab at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia:


Postpartum depressive symptoms are common among women following the birth of a child and adversely impact a mother’s ability to care for her child. Evidence-based parent-coaching programs...Read more

Bringing Advance Care Planning to Your Phone: The Advance Directives App

Primary: University of Virginia, Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy. Key collaborators: Virginia Dept. of Behavioral Health and Disability Services; National Healthcare Decisions Day; Duke University, Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences:

This is part of a larger project to help people effectively utilize advance care planning for behavioral health care, as well as for end-of-life and general health care, in one holistic, legally...Read more

Shortening the Pathway to Care For Psychosis Through Digital Outreach

Strong 365:

Despite the proven power of early intervention to change lives, most of the 100,000 young Americans who face first episode psychosis each...Read more

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

The Arc of Philadelphia:

Neurodiversity in the Workplace is an employment initiative that works holistically to place and support people with Autism into high-level technology based jobs for which they are uniquely...Read more

Anchor Recovery Community Center: AnchorED Program

The Providence Center:

AnchorED is an innovative initiative of Anchor Recovery Community Center, a program of The Providence Center. According to the CDC, 144 lives are lost daily to drug overdose in the nation.  In...Read more

Anchor Recovery Community Center

The Providence Center:

Launched by The Providence Center in 2010, Anchor Recovery Community Centers are Rhode Island’s first and only community centers run by and dedicated to those living in recovery from substance use...Read more

Finding Shelter Through Peer Support

Western Mass Recovery Learning Community:

The ‘Finding Shelter through Peer Support’ (FSPS) project is successfully merging the concept of peer support (as rooted in the mental health and substance abuse realms) with the approach of ‘...Read more

Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital

Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital :

Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital (WRCH), with 260 adult, 30 adolescent beds is a public psychiatric hospital that opened in October 2012, replacing a state hospital that began in Worcester...Read more

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